Illustrations from

'Book of Fixed Stars' (Kitāb suwar al-kawākib al-ṯābita)
by ‛Abd al-Rahman ibn ‛Umar al-Ṣūfī.

The manuscripts usually have 2 versions of each constellation - looking up from earth and looking down at a cellestial globe.
Bodleian Library, Oxford, manuscript Marsh 14, 1009-10AD Shiraz?, Iran
Sotheby's - Lot 34, 1125AD Baghdad, Iraq.
Suleymanie Library, Istanbul, Manuscript Fatih 3422, 1125AD Mãrdin, Dunaysir, Turkey.
Topkapī Sarayī, Istanbul, manuscript Ahmet III 3493, 1130-31AD Mayyafariqin, SE Turkey.
Vatican Library, Rome, Manuscript Ross.1033, 1224AD. Ceuta, North Africa.
Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, manuscript Arabe Ar 2488, mid-13th century Ceuta?, North Africa.
Suleymanie Library, Istanbul, Ms Ayasofya 2595, 1249-50AD. Alamut?, Iran
Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, manuscript Arabe Ar 2489, 1266-7AD Syria?
British Library, London, manuscript Or.5323, 1260-80AD Maragha?, NW Iran.
National Library, Cairo, Manuscript Dãr al-Kutub miqãt 390, 1300AD.
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Ms. Rogers Fund 1913, c. 1400AD, Samarkand.
Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, manuscript Arabe 5036, c. 1430-1440, Samarkand.

Pertev Pasa Library, Istanbul, Manuscript 375, 16th Century.
Kongelige Bibliotek, Copenhagen, Manuscript Copenhagen ms Arabe 83, 1602AD. Medina, Arabia.
Princeton, University Library, Manuscript Garrett 2259 Yehuda, 1607AD.

Urjūza fi’l-kawākib by ibn al-Ṣūfī, son of ‛Abd al-Rahman ibn ‛Umar al-Ṣūfī, 1159-60AD.

An extensive list of Manuscripts of al-Ṣūfī's Book of the Images of the Fixed Stars
An Early al-Sufi Manuscript in the Bodleian Library in Oxford. A Study in Islamic Constellation Images, by Emmy Wellesz, in Ars Orientalis 3 (1959), pp. 1-26
Painting The Stars In A Century Of Change by Moya Carey, 2001 - Part 1 & Part 2 - Plates

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