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Seljuk Articles and Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers

Illustrations of Seljuks in Warqa wa Gulshah,
Saljuq Clothing by Elsie H. Peck
Seljuk Male Clothing by Timothy Dawson
Two Warriors on a Seljuq Bas Relief, from Konya, 12th century
Cavalry on a Seljuk Bas Relief, Art Museum Seattle, 12th century
Horseman of Raqqa (Faris al-Raqqa), 12th century
Seljuk Bowl with Astronomical and Royal Figures, C12-13
6 Bowls with Paired Riders, C12-13
Seljuq Horseman on a Bowl, 12-13C
Elephant on a Seljuq Bowl, Kashan, 1218
Saljuq Bowl, Kashan, C12-13
Seljuk Horsemen on a Mina'i Ware Jug, 12-13C
Horseman & Castle on a Kashan Mina'i Bowl, 12-13C
Seljuk Lampas Robe, Central Asia, 11th/12th century.
Another Seljuk Lampas Robe, Central Asia, 11th/12th century.
Seljuk Horsemen on a Mina'i Bowl, Kashan, c1200
Tile with Saljuq horsemen, 13thC, Kashan, Iran, Museo Nazionale d'Arte Orientale, Rome
Two Seljuk Painted Bowls, 13-14C
Seljuk Horsemen on a Wall Painting, 13th century
Seljuk Stucco Figures, mid-11th-mid-12th century
Mina'i bowl showing Bahram Gur and Azade on a camel, late 12th-early 13th centuries.
The Seljuqs of Rum by Steven Lowe and Martin Baker
Pre-Mongol Persian Costume
11th and 12th Century Seljuk Dynasty Costume
by Dinah Tackett
Seljuk Bowl with Rider, 13th century
The Medieval Steppe Warrior by Steven Baker
12th Century Glass Medallion
Kitab al-Diryaq (the Book of Antidotes)
by Pseudo-Gallen, 1198CE
Kitab al-Diryaq (the Book of Antidotes)
by Pseudo-Gallen, mid 13th century
Book of Fixed Stars by al Sufi
Ms Sotheby's - Lot 34, 1125  Ms Fatih 3422, 1125
Ms Ahmet III 3493, 1130-31  Ms Ayasofya 2595, 1249-50.
Ms Or.5323, c1270
Kitab al-Aghani (Book of Songs)

Seljuk Battle plate, early 13th century
Saljuq Dish with horseman, late 12th to early 13th century

Seljuk Mina'i Bowl with mounted archer, 12th-13th century
Seljuk beaker, Kashan, Iran, late 12th century
Seljuk beaker, late 12th century
A Cavalryman on a Seljuk Candlestick, Anatolia, mid 13th century
Seljuk bowl fragment, late 12th-early 13th century
Saljuq star with Rustam and the Dragon, late 12th century

Ceramics showing Saljuq Costume
A 13th century Kelile ve Dimne
Seljuk Bowl with Rider, 12th to 13th century
Seljuk horseman wearing fur lined hat

Automaton in Saljuq Costume, 1206
Minai plate by Abu Zaid al-Kashani, 1187AD

Horseman on Seljuk Bowl from Rayy, 12th to 13th centuries
Seljuq Steel Mirror with Mounted Hunter

Seljuq Bowl with Turkish horseman, 12th-13th centuries
An Arabic Translation of the Materia Medica of Dioscorides by 'Abdullah ibn al-Fadl

Machine Pouring Wine, after al-Jazari, c. 1315AD
Seljuk Bowl with Turkish Couple, c. 1200AD

Scylitzes Chronicle, f234v A Battle Between Byzantines and Seljuks.
A Seljuk Hoard from Persia by Basil Gray

A Turkic Horse Archer on the Surb Khach Church

Plaster Relief of Seljuq, Byzantine or Armenian Cavalry Fighting a Dragon & a Lion,
Anatolia, 13th-14th centuries

A Shahnama scene "The Iranians leave Farud's castle", on a tile, Iran, 12th-13th centuries
Faridūn and Kāwad, Seljuk Bowl, Incribed "Wealth", early 13th Century
King with attendants, Seljuk Bowl, late 12th early 13th centuries AD

12th century Saljuq Mirror with horse-backed hunter

Seljuk Horseman from Kitab Mukhtar al-Hikam by Al-Mubashir, 13th Century
Layla finds Majnun in the wilderness, Seljuq Bowl, Kashan, c.1220

Seljuk Lustre Dish with Polo Player, 1170-1200, Cleveland Museum of Art
Bowl with a Rider on Horseback accompanied by a Hound and Two Birds,
Seljuk, late 12th-early 13th century, Iran

Bowl with a poetic recitation, Seljuk, 1187AD, Kashan, Iran
The Fould Bucket, Anatolia, 13th century. State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg

The Wade Cup with Animated Script, Seljuk, 1200-1221AD. Cleveland Museum of Art 1944.485
Ceramic Elephant with shields over ears, Seljuk Iran, early 13th century, Smithsonian F1967.26

Daqāʾiq al-Ḥaqāʾiq; Kitāb-i Mūʾnis al-ʿAvārif
Seljuk Anatolia, 1272-1273AD, Bibliothèque nationale de France MS Persan 174

Carved stone gateway, early 12th century, Jazīrah (National Museum, Baghdad).

Seljuk Maces
Saracen Standards in Armies and Enemies of the Crusades 1096-1291 by Ian Heath
Illustrations of Fatimids, Ayyubids and Mamluks
Illustrations of Franks and Saracens of the 12th century in the painted windows in the monastery church of St Denis in Paris; or download this site as a 3.8MB zip

Persian Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers
12th century Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers
13th century Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers
Index of Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers