A Sasanian Royal Feast, 6th-7th Centuries AD

A larger image of a Sasanian Royal Feast, 6th-7th Centuries AD.

Source: Walters Art Gallery. Accession Number 57.709
This plate depicts a king and queen seated on throne, possibly at a wedding.
Iranian. Hammered and engraved silver plate. Height: 5.2cm. Diameter:23.3 cm
The king is shown clad in high boots, the surface covered by floral scrolls.
Elsie Holmes Peck, The Representation of Costumes in the Reliefs of Taq-i-Bustan. Artibus Asiae, Vol. 31, No. 2/3, 1969, Fig. 6b.
Roman Ghirshman, Persian Art. The Parthian and Sassanian Dynasties, New York, 1962, Pl. 259, p. 218, Silver Bowl, Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore, VI-VII century A.D.

Referenced as Fig. 17 Anāhitā giving a diadem, in The Vocabulary and Syntax of Iconography in Sasanian Iran by Abolala Soudavar

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