Wall Painting in Santa Maria de Terrassa, c1180-1200
(Terrassa, Catalonia, Spain)

The Murder of Thomas Becket

Acusación y prendimiento.    Martirio.    Elevación del alma del Santo.
Accusation and arrest.    Martyrdom.    Elevation of the Soul of the Saint.

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Murder of Thomas Becket, Spoleto, Italy, late 12th-century
Murder of Thomas Becket, BL Harley 5102, England, last quarter of the 12th century
Martyrdom of St. Thomas Becket of Canterbury, Chronica Majora by Matthew Paris, ca. 1240–53
Martyrdom of St. Thomas Becket of Canterbury, Carrow Psalter, c.1250
The Martyrdom of Thomas Becket, Fresco in the Museo Diocesano from Palazzo dei Trecento, Treviso, Veneto, Italy, c.1260

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