The Pila

an Ablution Basin, Xativa, Spain, early to mid 11th century

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Detail of the Musicians, Drinker & Servant and People Carrying a Deer
Detail of Horsemen
Detail of Men Pulling Beards
Detail of Bearers
Archaeological Museum, Xativa (Jativa), Spain.

Pica Islàmica de Xàtiva, guardada al Museu de l'Almodí de la mateixa ciutat. Del segle XI, 41,9 cm x 169,9 cm x 67 cm, i de marbre de Buixcarró.
[Islamic Pila of Xativa, kept in the Museum of Almodí in the same city. The eleventh century, 41.9 cm x 169.9 cm x 67 cm, and of marble of Buixcarró.]

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