Fatimid Soldiers and Hunters, 10th - 12th Centuries

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An Arab Cavalryman in a 10th Century Papyrus Drawing,Rainer Collection, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Vienna
Fatimid-Zirid Plate with a Battle Scene, Bardo Palace Museum, Tunis
Fatimid Ivory Plaque of Two Soldiers, 10th century, Louvre
Fatimid Ceramic Fragment from the Sabra Palace, 10-11th century, Benaki Museum, Athens
Fatimid Horseman on a Plate, 10th to 12th Centuries, Museum of Islamic Art, Raqqada, Tunisia
Fatimid Rider and Four Warriors on Coptic Textile, 11th Century
Fatimid Carved Panel with Soldier, 11th Century
Fatimid Ceramic Wall-Plaque with Warriors from the Sabra Palace, 11th century
Fatimid Ceramic Wall-Plaque of Archer from the Sabra Palace, 11th century
Fragment of a Fatimid Bowl Depicting a Mounted Warrior, 11th century
Plaque with a running man and his dog, Fatimid Egypt, 11th Century
Fatimid Wood Carving of Hunters, 11th Century
Fatimid Rectangular piece of wood with swordsmen
Fatimid wooden plank with carved lion hunt, 11th century (Saririya pikemen?)
Fatimid wooden plank with mounted hunter with lance, 11th century
Fatimid Carved Wood Panel, Louvre, 11th Century
Hunter on an 11th century ivory drinking horn probably made in Muslim Sicily or Southern Italy
Shields on the Bab al-Nasr (Gate of Victory), Cairo, 1087
Frieze of Hunters over the door of the Church of San Bernadetto, Brindisi, late 11th Century
Fatimid Painted Paper with Cavalryman, 10th - 12th Centuries, 11th-12th century, Keir Collection
Fatimid Turban on Manuscript Fragment, 11th-12th Centuries
Morgan Casket, Southern Italy, 11th-12th century
Four ivory panels with hunters and revellers, 11th-12th century
Detail of carved ivory horn or 'oliphant' from Sicily, Musée Crozatier, Le Puy
A carved ivory horn or 'oliphant', South Italian, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Ivory casket with Lion Hunt, Fatimid Sicily or Southern Italy, 11th-12th Centuries
Fatimid Manuscript with Two Soldiers, 11th-12th Centuries
Fatimid Carved Ivory Panel with Hunters, 11th-12th Centuries
Carved Ivory Plaque of Lion Hunt, Fatimid Egypt or Iraq, 11th-12th Century
Fatimid Infantryman on a Plate, 12th Century
Fatimid Warrior on Plate Fragment, 12th Century
Islamic Sicilian Ivory Casket with Horsemen, 12th Century
A Fatimid Nobleman or Officer on a lustre-ware plate, 12th Century
Fatimid plate with mounted hunter, 12th century
Sicilian ivory pyxis, 12th century
Fatimid Manuscript Fragment, Fustat, 12th Century
Fatimid bowl with a hunter on horse
Illustrations from a Coptic Gospel, Damietta, Egypt, 1179-80 (Armenian mercenary archer?)
Fatimid Manuscript with 'Jazrafil who rides an Elephant', c. 1200 AD

Sudanese Infantry
A Sudanese spearman in the painted windows in the monastery church of St Denis in Paris
A Sudanese spearman, from Armies and Enemies of the Crusades 1096-1291 by Ian Heath
Negroid warriors with mace in the capitals of Monreale Cathedral near Palermo in Sicily, 1174 to 1182 AD

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A Daylami Tribesman, from Armies of the Dark Ages 600-1066 by Ian Heath
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Camel Rider from the Cappella Palatina, Palermo, Sicily
A Fatimid Infantryman and a Fatimid Cavalryman, from Armies and Enemies of the Crusades 1096-1291 by Ian Heath
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