Lombards in a 10th Century Exultet Beneventano

A detail of the Lombard soldiers in a 10th Century Exultet Beneventano.

From a 985-987AD Exultet Beneventano Ms. Vat. Lat. 9820 now preserved in the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana (Vatican Library). Source

Reference: pp250-1, The Exultet in Southern Italy By Thomas Forrest Kelly

An extract from St Vincent and St Peter: Location and the Musical Connection between Two Feasts in Ben 35 by Bibiana Carmela Pia Gattozzi, B.M.; B.A.

In the twelfth century San Pietro extra muros remained under the jurisdiction of San Vincenzo al Volturno; therefore, there is good reason to believe that many of the liturgical manuscripts and other literary items arriving at San Pietro extra muros would come from a scriptorium in its parent monastery. San Pietro extra muros possessed an extensive collection of liturgical manuscripts; it had sixty-nine codices by the end of the thirteenth century. Some of these have survived to the present, specifically, as posited by Lepore, British Library Additional 5463 (an eighth-century Evangeliary), Biblioteca comunale, Macerata 378 (a Pontifical), Vatican Lat. 9820 (an Exultet Roll), and Ben 9, a ninth-century codex containing the Expositio in Apocalypsin (commentary on the Apocalypse) of Ambrosius Autpert.