Detail of Bezeklik (Bšzšklik) Fresco

Praṇidhi scene No. 6, Temple No. 9, Bäzäklik

A larger B&W detail of Bezeklik fresco, Pranidhi scene No. 6, Temple No. 9. Tarim Basin.

Source: Chotscho by Albert von Le Coq

Referenced as figure 468 in The military technology of classical Islam by D Nicolle
468. Fresco from Bšzšklik, Semitic and Iranian merchents, 9th-10th centuries AD, east Turkistānī, Staatliche Museen Dahlem, West Berlin.
pp.206-7, A form of leg protection known as the sāq seems to have been used throughout the period under review in many parts of the eastern Islamic world, though perhaps remaining rare. Some, or perhaps all, were fastened to a belt by iron hooks.27 Although those referred to by al Ṭabarī were of mail,28, their shape may have corresponded to leggings which, drawn up over the wearer's knees and presumably fastened to a belt, feature in many illustrated sources from the east (Figs. 18, 126, 233, 237, 300, 307, 313, 331, 334, 341, 342, 356, 359, 365, 400, 422, 468, 477 and 623.
    27. Al Ṭabarī, op. cit. vol. II, pp. 586-587.
    28. Ibid.

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