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19th century resources:
18th-19th century Wurttemberg Military Uniforms by Leo Ignaz von Stadlinger: Geschichte des wurttembergischen Kriegswesens
Illustrations of Napoleonic Soldiers from the Augsburger Bilder
Illustrations by Octavien d'Alvimart, in Miller's Costume of Turkey, 1802
Coloured Illustrations of Ottoman Soldiers dated 1805, Vinkhuijzen Collection, NYPL
Downloads for 'Waterloo: Napoleon's Last Battle' & Austerlitz: Napoleon's Greatest Victory computer games
Prelude To Austerlitz by Jeff Vitou
Battle Of Austerlitz by Jeff Vitou
Charles Gold's Oriental Drawings, India, 1806
The Prusso-Saxon Army at Jena 14th October 1806 by Peter Hofschröer
Infantry Skirmishing in the Napoleonic Wars by Peter Hofschröer
Napoleonic Skirmishing In Practice by Peter Hofschröer
The White Uniforms of the French Army, 1806-1807 described by Guy C. Dempsey Jr., illustrated by R. J. Marrion
Spanish Maps of Peninsular War Battles
Spanish Napoleonic Uniforms
Spanish Napoleonic Uniforms of Joseph Bonaparte's Troops
Uniforms Of Spanish Units At Talavera
Uniforms of the Archduke Charles' Legion by Ken Bunger
Illustrations of Ottomans circa 1809 from Stratford Canning's Pictures of Turkey
Historical Maps of Germany
Selected Illustrations of India from 'Oriental Memoirs' by James Forbes (1749-1819), Published 1813
Illustrations by Octavien d'Alvimart, engraved F.H. Clark, in McLean's The Military Costume of Turkey, 1813
The Great Cavalry Battle Of Liebertwolkwitz (14th October, 1813) by Peter Hofschröer
Russo-German Legion Uniforms
Full corrected OCR text of 1815, Waterloo by Henry Houssaye, 1905
Netherlands Infantry Uniforms 1813 to 1831
. or (in Dutch)
Full corrected OCR text of The battle of Wavre and Grouchy's retreat; a study of an obscure part of the Waterloo campaign by Hyde Kelly 1905. Includes 3 maps (2.7MB)
. Map of the Battle of Wavre by Johnston (0.8MB)
. Map of the Battle of Wavre by Siborne (1.9MB)
Painting of the Battle of Sultanabad, 1812, Persia against the Russians
A Persian Military Review with Fath Ali Shah and Abbas Mirza, c.1815-16
Begum Samru's Household, Principality of Sardhana, India, 1820
"Bagaderan" - Russian Deserters In The Persian Army, 1802-1839, by Aleksandr Kibovskii. Translated by Mark Conrad
A Persian warrior on horseback, after Alexander Orlowski, c.1821
The Persian Regular Army of the First Half of the 19th Century, by Aleksandr Kibovskii and Vadim Yegorov. Translated by Mark Conrad
Voyage à Athènes et à Constantinople ou Collection de portraits, de vues, et de costumes grecs et ottomans by Louis Dupré, 1825
Handcoloured engravings by Frederic Shoberl from his work 'The World in Miniature: Hindoostan'
"The fall of Constantinople" by Panagiotos Zografos, 1836
Procession of the Emperor Bahadur Shah to celebrate the feast of the Eid, India, 1843
19th Century Indian Illustrations
Illustrations of Persian 19th Century Soldiers
Persian Costume and soldiers in a Bestiary. Iran, Maragheh, 1297-1298 or 1299-1300, but most are 19th century. Morgan MS M.500
Sikh Akali and their turbans
Illustrations of Ottomans in Elbicei Atika by Jean Brindesi, 1855
The 1859 Italian War-Operations Of War by Luigi Casali
Pictures of buildings on the battlefields of:
. Waterloo
. Bull Run / Manassas
. Williamsburg
. Fredericksburg
. Sharpsburg / Antietam
. Cold Harbor/Gaines' Mill
Downloads for Sid Meier's Gettysburg
Download Official Reports for the Seven Days Battles of the Peninsular Campaign (1MB) including a linked Excel file with OB & casualties
The ‘War of the Rebellion Atlas’
Album of Turkish Costume Paintings - NYPL Digital Collections, Presented to Alexander III, Tsar of Russia, 1867
19th Century Colonial Costume by Racinet
Troop types of the Hicks Pasha Expedition, 1883
Organizations And Uniforms Of The Mahdist Armies, 1883-1898 By Doug Johnson Illustrations By Greg Rose

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